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01 Jul 2024

MRI Medical imaging benchmark datasets

  • nnU-Net Revisited paper lists the following, in bold the ones it considers the best:
    • ACDC, KiTS, AMOS “most suitable for benchmarking”
    • BTCV, LiTS, BraTS




  1. BrainBrowser Volume Viewer v2.5.2 ↩︎

  2. KiTS23 | The 2023 Kidney Tumor Segmentation Challenge ↩︎

  3. test set unreleased: How to Obtain Test Data in the KiTS23 Dataset? - KiTS Challenge ↩︎

  4. It’s important to note the distinction between what we call “annotations” and what we call “segmentations”. We use “annotations” to refer to the raw vectorized interactions that the user generates during an annotation session. A “segmentation,” on the other hand, refers to the rasterized output of a postprocessing script that uses “annotations” to define regions of interest.[^kits2023]

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