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20 Jun 2024

Quarto --no-clean creates files and errors

TL;DR –no-clean is dangerous

quarto render --no-clean ... (or an interrupted render?) created many files in the same dirs as their .qmd/.md sources:

papers/11-bank2011using/               papers/23-hanig2023nlp/
papers/11-hanig2011benefits/      papers/23-tumler2023virtual/
papers/11-hanig2011benefits/           papers/23-tumler2023virtual/
papers/11-hanig2011knowledge/     papers/24-hamotskyi2024fincorpus/

Then the custom listing for */*.md went crazy because the files didn’t have the needed fields. (also .jsons/.html etc.)

Quarto has no quarto clean but one can just re-render everything without --no-clean

Fish globs

To find all these files arbitrarily many levels deep:

ls **/*
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