In the middle of the desert you can say anything you want

24 Apr 2024

More inkscape bits learned doing posters

Context: 240423-1912 Better Posters notes


  • Two — once in document properties, and there seems to be a tool for this as well.
  • units are important — doing math in mm and then creating a grid in px/pc/pt/… may create not-obvious errors
  • Snapping to an invisible grid still works — neat for a sub-grid that would create too much garbage but is needed (e.g. margins in a column)


  • You can select items by color/stroke/type/… in Edit -> Select…
    • E.g. select all texts, all blue rectangles etc.

Resizing boxes

You can disable scaling the stroke size together with the box in the upper-right toolbar! (The same one where locking aspect ratios is)


  • You can draw a rectangle and then add text to it — use the text tool to draw this rectangle.
  • Text -> Flow into frames can do what it says on the label: 2024-04-24-191704_370x98_scrot.png
  • If it looks weird or different from other text but font and size and the rest match, the text likely has a stroke.

Tracking invisible items

For things into which text “flows” etc. — if you have a white background making them white works for keeping them selectable when needed. (And removing the background makes them visible).

Smile for the screenshot

Damn I love doing random vector stuff. 2024-04-30-185655_2556x1436_scrot.png

Nel mezzo del deserto posso dire tutto quello che voglio.