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07 May 2023

Zotero and Obsidian

Goal: Interact with Zotero from within Obsidian
Solution: “Citations”1 plugin for Obsidian, “Better Bibtex”2 plugin for Zotero!

  • Creating a local self-updating bibtex export:
    • In Zotero, File->Export, format is “Better Bibtex”
    • this shows an additional checkmark for keeping it autoupdated, check it
    • file is now at the resulting path
  • Setting up Obsidian with Citations (in Citations plugin settings):
    • set the path to the one above
    • and the format to BibLaTeX (or it’ll will fail with a generic error)
    • Through the Palette run “Refresh citation database” (and do it every time something changes)
  • Operation
    • Search in palette for “Citations”
    • Pandoc format citations3 are the default, but can be changed (almost anything can be changed!)

Neat bits:

  • There’s a configurable “Citations: Insert Markdown Citation” thing!

    • My current template:
      <_`@{{citekey}}` {{titleShort}} ({{year}}) [z]({{zoteroSelectURI}})/[d]({{DOI}})_>
    • Legal fields:
      - {{citekey}}
      - {{abstract}}
      - {{authorString}}
      - {{containerTitle}}
      - {{DOI}}
      - {{eprint}}
      - {{eprinttype}}
      - {{eventPlace}}
      - {{page}}
      - {{publisher}}
      - {{publisherPlace}}
      - {{title}}
      - {{titleShort}}
      - {{URL}}
      - {{year}}
      - {{zoteroSelectURI}}
  • ishnid/zotero-obsidian

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